THE EDM TEN: Weekly, 59 minutes

Available on PRX. Click here for The EDM Ten PRX page.

Programming / Operations

  • OVERVIEW: The EDM Ten is Public Radio’s weekly electronic dance music countdown program, produced by KNHC Productions in Seattle, USA (at the studios of C89.5 FM). Your hosts are Gabe and Harmony. This program targets the younger demographic that can be challenging for most Public Radio stations. This program is a great way to develop a younger,  more diverse audience.
  • CLOCK: 2 floating breaks. Click here for the Program Clock for The EDM Ten.
  • BROADCAST TERMS: The standard terms for PRX are available here. Due to the timeliness of the program content, you must air the program within 7 days of the release date.


On-Air Promos

  • CUSTOM PROMOS: If your station would you like a custom promo or a custom tag, please contact Richard J. Dalton at rjdalton (at) to arrange this.
  • WEEKLY PROMOS: Sent with the program on a weekly basis, 30 seconds.
  • EVERGREEN PROMOS: Evergreen promos with room for a tag are provided. Click here to download.

Local Underwriting

  • SELLING POINTS: This program targets a diverse millennial demographic, and their adjacents.

On-Air Fundraising

  • CUSTOM PITCHES: Due to the timeliness of the content, fundraising programs will not be available. However, Gabe and Harmony would love to record custom pitches to fit within the two 59-second floating breaks. Please contact Richard J. Dalton at rjdalton (at) for details, or to order yours. A minimum of three weeks notice is required for custom pitches.