In Development: 60 WATTS

Coming Soon, Currently in Development


Programming / Operations

  • OVERVIEW: 60 Watts is Public Radio’s underground and alternative rock specialty program. Produced weekly by KNHC Productions in Seattle, USA (at the studios of C89.5 FM). Tony Rocky Horror guides you through the cutting-edge sounds of underground and alternative rock bands from around the world. Coming straight from the United States’ grunge capital itself, 60 Watts is a great way to develop a younger to middle-aged audience.
  • CLOCK: 60 Watts is newscast compatible and includes 2 fixed cutaways.
  • BROADCAST TERMS: The standard terms for PRX are available here. Each program must air within 12 months of the release date.


On-Air Promos

  • CUSTOM PROMOS: If your station would you like a custom promo or a custom tag, please contact Richard J. Dalton at rjdalton (at) to arrange for it.
  • WEEKLY PROMOS: Sent with the program on a weekly basis, 30 seconds.
  • EVERGREEN PROMOS: Evergreen promos with room for a tag are also available upon request.

Local Underwriting

  • SELLING POINTS: This program features a unique selection of underground rock bands, many of whom are highly underrepresented throughout the mainstream media landscape. 60 Watts aims to meet the need for more in-depth coverage of alternative music at large; targeting a diverse age demographic ranging from younger to middle-aged.

On-Air Fundraising

  • CUSTOM PITCHES: We provide 2 evergreen pledge drive-friendly programs per year. It includes, in addition to the newshole, two 3-minute breaks with a hand off. Please contact us in advance for delivery. If you need more than 2, ask!